Recreational Diving

Recreational diving lets you explore the underwater world while on vacation somewhere tropical, or here in the St Lawrence river area. Beginning with the Basic Open Water Certification, you will gain all the skills and knowledge needed to start diving. From there you can continue training, to allow your diving to take you deeper and into new and interesting places, like ship wrecks, caverns, and even diving at night. Although continued training is required beyond the Basic Open Water, a diver can dive as deep as 130 feet, become a Dive Master, and even Instructor, within the limits of recreational diving. Once your core training is completed there are several specialty courses that a diver can take to expand their knowledge and training, and open them to deeper and longer dives. 

Go With the Flow Diving can provide you with a full range of training at the recreational diving level. Check out the courses below, and link to all the SDI course available. 

Recreational Diving Courses 

Basic Open Water

Advanced Diver

Rescue Diver

Dive Master

Specialty Courses

Nitrox Diver

Deep Diver

Wreck Diver

Dry Suit Diver

Drift Diver

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SDI Course Flow Chart

Technical Diving

Already an open water diver and looking for longer bottom times, deeper dives, caves, or interested in rebreathers? With experience in  technical diving and cave diving, Go With The Flow Diving can get you started into technical diving, with an introduction course, and discuss what training path you may want to take.

If you are ready for more advanced courses, Go With the Flow Diving works with local TDI  Instructor Stephan Senecal based in Brockville, who can provide guidance and training in technical diving, and rebreathers


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TDI  Technical Courses

Dive Master/Guide

Spending my time diving in the St Lawrence river, and Lake Ontario area, I have good knowledge of the wrecks and dives sites in the area both shore dives and dive from boats. I  also personally know most of the boat operators and dive shop operators in the area. I can provide advice for dives, or accompany you for dives if you are unfamiliar with the area. 

With a good knowledge, as well as personal connections to diving throughout Ontario, Florida, and a few other parts of the United States, I can provide advice for those looking to take their diving on the road.