About Go With The Flow Diving

Go With the Flow Diving is owned and operated by Matthew Lerpiniere, and provides small group and individual training, starting at your first basic open water course, through to Divemaster and Introduction to Technical Diving.

Located in Kingston Ontario, on the shores of Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River, Go With the Flow Diving using some of the best diving in North America for training. With access to ships wrecks, a dive park, drift diving, and several shore dives, your training can be made more interesting. As well, once you have completed even your initial training there are many options to start gaining experience. 

The area provides options for training from beginner all the way to deep technical diving and everything in between. 

About Matthew

I have been diving for over ten years, and have gained experience and training and a variety of environments. I have dove in the freezing cold waters in Newfoundland, to the warm tropical waters of the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. The majority of my dive experience is right here in the Kingston area, diving the St Lawrence river and Lake Ontario. In hand with being an SDI instructor, I am also a technical diver, and fully certified cave diver. In the colder weather I travel to Florida to take in the some of the worlds best cave diving. Through my varied dive experiences I have gained knowledge of various areas of diving, dive operators, and what to expect as a new diver setting out, or as an experienced diver looking to continue with training.

Personalized training

Go With The Flow does not run large classes. You will likely be trained one on one, or potentially with one or two more students, meaning your training is more personalized and we can focus on any areas you may need more practice with. All equipment is provided/included as part of the Basic Open Water training. 

Flexible Schedule

Go With The Flow Diving does not run pre-scheduled classes. I work with your schedule giving you the flexibility to work around your own life. This also means if you need extra work on  skill, there is no pressure, we can always do another session. 


As an avid diver, I try and get out and dive on a regular basis, whether it is a shore dive, or dive from a boat. Once you have completed your training, you are welcome to dive with me during other training, or if you just want an experienced dive buddy while you gain some experience, I will be happy to dive with you, and show you some local spots to build on your training. 

Why Scuba Diving International (SDI)?

Scuba Diving Internation (SDI), started as a company that trained technical divers, Technical Diving International (TDI). Having a background in technical diving, SDI courses are developed to give a solid foundation to new open water divers, so they have the skills and knowledge to progress if they choose to do so. A new diver can start with no experience, and stay with the same training organization from Open Water, through to rebreathers. SDI also gives instructors the flexibility to draw on their own dive experiences, and knowledge to provide better more through training. SDI is recognized just as widely as the other certifying companies, and TDI is well known in the technical diving world. 

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